IJRF Volume 3 Issue 1 2010: Mission and Persecution

Tribute to Glenn M Penner

We Introduce
Open Doors International

In my Opinion
Wishing for persecution?
Gordon L Heath

Why Evangelicals need a code of ethics for mission
Thomas Schirrmacher & Thomas K Johnson

Academic Articles Global restrictions on religion: A 2010 summary
Brian J Grim

The trauma of persecution: Responding to survivors of the post- traumatic wounds of extreme violence and inhumane treatment
Roger Foster

Mission in bold humility
Christof Sauer

An analysis of the current crises in Northern Nigeria
Khataza Gondwe

Documentation Cyprus Statement on the Crises in Northern Nigeria
Religious Liberty Partnership

Peaceful steps despite political pressure: The challenges of Chinese House Churches
China Aid

The Bad Urach Call: Toward understanding suffering, persecution, and martyrdom for the global church in mission

Missionary activities and human rights
The Oslo Coalition on Freedom of Religion or Belief


Book Reviews

The International Institute for Religious Freedom

Call for submissions and instructions to contributors


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