IJRF Volume 2 Issue 1 2009


We introduce
Religious Liberty Partnership

In my Opinion
The OIC and the UN: Islamophobia and ‘defamation of religion’
Elizabeth Kendal

Academic Articles
The range of religious freedom in 2008: Results of a global survey
Paul A Marshall

Religious freedom and social well-being: A critical appraisal
Brian J Grim

A biblical theology of persecution and discipleship: The historical books
Glenn M Penner

Minding the gaps: Overcoming misconceptions of persecution
Charles L Tieszen

Event Reports
Between advocacy and readiness to suffer: Religious liberty and
persecution of Christians as topics at the World Evangelical Alliance
General Assembly and its Mission Commission Consultation 2008
Christof Sauer

Resolution on religious freedom and solidarity with the persecuted church
World Evangelical Alliance

Johan Candelin

Case Studies
Christians still second-class citizens under Turkish secularism: Decades
of experience of a Turkish Christian leader
Behnan Konutgan

Iran: Suppression of religious freedom and persecution of religious minorities
Thomas Schirrmacher

WEA religious liberty press release: Iran – Apostasy law
World Evangelical Alliance

Germany’s asylum policy and Iran’s new apostasy law
Thomas Zimmermanns


Book Reviews

Readers’ Response

Call for submissions and instructions to contributors



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