IJRF Vol 8 Issue 1/2 2015

Christian minorities & religious freedom


In my opinion

The use of loudspeakers for the Islamic call to prayer: An infringement upon negative religious freedom?
Thomas Schirrmacher

Articles Moroccan Christians: Lost Opportunities
Leah Farish

Invited but not welcomed: Where is the promised accommodation of separatist religious communities in Canada?
Janet Epp Buckingham

Historical roots of the manipulation of religion in Northern Nigeria: The rise of fundamentalist groups and the plight of ethnic and religious minorities
Emmanuel Osewe Akubor

Building our houses on sand: Exegetical implications of the Sermon on the Mount for religious freedom
Nicholas Kerton-Johnson

Problems that result from granting freedom of religious exercise to US corporations
Thomas E. Simmons



Review Article

Islamic Discourses on Accusations of Unbelief and Apostasy
Carsten Polanz

Book Reviews

Guidelines for Authors

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