IJRF Vol 6 Issue 1/2 2013

Researching Religious Freedom


In my Opinion
Conceptual issues in contemporary religious freedom research
Paul Marshall

Religious freedom and the twofold work of God in the world
Thomas K Johnson

Registration of religious organizations
Anastasia Isaeva

Church-State relations and religious freedom in Argentina and Brazil
Rodrigo Vitorino Souza Alves and Alexandre Walmott Borges

How a social engineering project affected Christians in Turkey
Abdullah Kiran

Perceptions of Christians in Turkey
Wolfgang Haede

Religious freedom in Indonesia
Thomas Schirrmacher

Early warning system methodology
David Taylor

The attack on Western religions by Western law
Iain TBenson

‘Sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ at the UN
Paul Coleman

The European Court of Human Rights
Daniel Ottenberg

Religious persecution as a crime against humanity
Lovell Fernandez

When can the persecution of Christians be considered as genocide or a crime against humanity?
Werner Nicolaas Nel

Christine Schirrmacher

Religious cults, religious leaders and the abuse of power
Stephan P Pretorius

Religious freedom and objectives for intercultural economic development
Antonio Fuccillo & Francesco Sorvillo


Book Reviews

Books received


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