IJRF Vol 5 Issue 2 2012

Measuring and Encountering Persecution

In my Opinion
Health, wealth and prosperity
Bernhard Reitsma

Brother against brother
Could South Korea’s mega-churches ultimately pose a bigger threat to the North Korean underground church than Kim Il-Sung?
Hyun Sook Foley

Measuring persecution
The new questionnaire design of the World Watch List
Christof Sauer
From accommodation to conscription? The Obama health care mandate in context
William C Duncan

The South African Constitutional Court and the unborn
Shaun de Freitas

Religious violence in Indonesia
Benyamin F Intan

The persecution of Nazarenes in Yugoslavia 1918-1941
Branko Bjelajac

Reflections on the psychological stressors and issues that children of believers from Muslim backgrounds face
Daniel Ong

Theological education in the context of persecution and economic hardship
Anneta Vyssotskaia

Spiritual formation for today’s Indonesian churches through the psalms of lament
Dwi Maria

A natural law right to religious freedom
David VanDrunen

The Christian claim for universal human rights in relation to natural law
Pavel Hošek

Interim report of the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief
Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief

Book Reviews

Guidelines for authors


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