IJRF Vol 5 Issue 1 2012

Rising Restrictions Worldwide

In my Opinion
That which is noteworthy and that which is astonishing in
The Global Charter of Conscience
Thomas K Johnson
Research in Progress
The Richard Wurmbrand case
Timotheus Chang-Whae Kim
Religious registration
Jonathan Andrews
Rising restrictions on religion
Brian J Grim
Religious liberty and the human good
Robert P George
Religious freedom in a secular society
Roger Trigg
India’s defiance of religious freedom
Tehmina Arora
Threats to religious freedom in Nigeria
Yakubu Joseph and Rainer Rothfuss
Persecution as a battle for defining identity: Reflections from Turkey
Wolfgang Haede
Coping with discrimination in 1 Peter and in modern social psychology
Aaron Graser and Christoph Stenschke
The proposed EU “equal treatment” directive
Paul Coleman and Roger Kiska
Freedom of speech and “hate speech”
Roger Kiska and Paul Coleman
Coercion in new religious movements
Stephan P Pretorius
Global Charter of Conscience
The early history of the Evangelical Alliance and of its advocacy for religious freedom
Thomas Schirrmacher
Colombo Statement on the Church in Sri Lanka
Religious Liberty Partnership
Freedom of religion or belief and recognition issues
Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief
Book Reviews
Books assigned or available for review

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