IJRF Vol 12 Issue 1/2 2019

The impact of religious freedom research


In my opinion

The societal relevance of religious freedom research Notes for academia,
public policy and vulnerable religious groups
Dennis P. Petri and Govert J. Buijs

Highlighting the dark corners of persecution
Using the Open Doors World Watch List as a basis
Thomas Müller, Frans Veerman and Matthew D. Rees


Methodologies and tools to assess religious freedom

How common is religious freedom worldwide?
Jonathan Fox

Using data to combat religious persecution
The Freedom of Thought Report
Niels De Nutte and Anton Van Dyck

How many Christians are under threat of persecution?
An initial assessment of approaches
Christof Sauer

A human security approach to religious freedom
The religious minorities vulnerability assessment tool
Dennis P. Petri

Religious freedom research and public policy

Opportunities and challenges for international religious freedom
research to inform U.S. foreign policy
Jason Klocek

The use of documentation in refugee determination in Canada
Can we do better?
Janet Epp Buckingham

Assessing public support for international religious freedom
Evidence from the 2018 Cooperative Congressional Election Survey
Luke M. Perez

Freedom of religion or belief in urban planning of places of worship
An interreligious participatory mechanism in Manizales, Colombia
John F. Osorio

Blind spots of religious freedom research

Religious challenges and risks to the Belt and Road Initiative
James C. Wallace

“What’s religion got to do with it?”
A case study on the regulation of religious diversity and practice
in Danish Red Cross asylum centres
Kareem P. A. McDonald

Toward the effective protection of religious freedom in Mexico
Marcelo Bartolini Esparza

Does persecution always bring growth?
Global persecutions suggest otherwise!
Ronald R. Boyd-MacMillan


Guidelines for authors


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