IJRF Vol 11 Issue 1/2 2018

From marginalization to martyrdom

Editorial: From marginalization to martyrdom

IJRF founding editor takes inaugural professorial chair in religious freedom
Lena Ohm and Janet Epp Buckingham

In my opinion

Legislators lead the way to freedom of religion and belief
David Anderson and Joycelin Mosey


The vulnerability of religious minorities
A literature review
Dennis P. Petri

Carrying ourselves back
How a religious document contributed to religious freedom
Leah Farish

The state’s duty of neutrality and freedom of religious association
Case law of the European Court of Human Rights
André Fagundes

Combating religious discrimination in the workplace
Approaches by the EU Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights
Eugenia Relaño Pastor

Freedom of learning and teaching
The importance of denominational schools in the realization of the right
of choice of parents in the education of their children
Sindy Oliveira Nobre Santiago and Fernanda Bezerra Martins Feitoza

Panic, persecutions and penalties
The impact of Fr. Augustine Urayai’s new theology of original sin on the Roman Catholic Church in Zimbabwe
Misheck Mudyiwa

Religion, politics, and death Martyrdom and persecution in twentieth-century Latin America
Marisol Lopez-Menendez


Review Article

Newly rising urban churches in China and their relationship to the party state
A review of recent publications
Meiken Buchholz

Book Reviews

Guidelines for authors


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