IJRF Volume 2 Issue 2 2009


We Introduce
Religious Liberty Commission

In my Opinion
Thinking twice about the minaret ban in Switzerland
Thomas K Johnson

Christian suffering and martyrdom: An opportunity for forgiveness and reconciliation
Richard Howell

Academic Articles
The role of government and judicial action in defining religious freedom: A Sri Lankan perspective
Roshini Wickremesinhe

The religious other as a threat: Religious persecution expressing xenophobia – a global survey of Christian-Muslim convivience
Christof Sauer

Christianity and democracy
Thomas Schirrmacher

Agonizing for you: Christian responses to religious persecution
Charles L Tieszen

Elizabeth Ton

Event Reports
Bad Urach Consultation 2009

Uniting in advocacy: Reflections on the Schwäbisch Gmünd Congress 2009
Michael Hausin and Christof Sauer

Schwäbisch Gmünd Call for Religious Freedom

Orissa: A call to action and a call to prayer
Religious Liberty Partnership

Possible dimensions of religious freedom
Paul A Marshall


Book Reviews

The International Institute for Religious Freedom

Call for submissions and instructions to contributors