IJRF Volume 1 Issue 1 2008

Introducing the International Institute for Religious Freedom

In my Opinion
Defending religious freedom of Christians benefits all
Thomas Schirrmacher

Academic Articles
Researching persecution and martyrdom: Part 1.
The external perspective
Christof Sauer

A biblical theology of persecution and discipleship: Part 1.
The Pentateuch
Glenn Penner

Towards redefining persecution
Charles L Tieszen

Research in Progress
The impact  of persecution upon the Igreja Evangelica Congregacional in Angola 1950-1974
Asaf CN Augusto

Case Study
Disinformation, discrimination, destruction and growth
Godfrey Yogarajah

Sri Lanka religious freedom profile

Religious liberty on the web portal of a national evangelical alliance

Religious Liberty Trends 2007-2008
Elizabeth Kendal

Guidelines on reporting for publicity and advocacy


Call for submissions and instructions to contributors


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