Call for Papers

Call for Papers on Secularism and Freedom of Religion or Belief

You are warmly invited to submit papers on the theme of Secularism for a special issue of the International Journal for Religious Freedom, which is an accredited journal on the theme of Secularism.

Secularism is one of the drivers of marginalization of religion. What began at the government level in Western Europe has devolved to society-wide expectations in the West that religion is a private matter that must be restricted from the public sphere. However, constraining the public expression of religion and the organization of it in independent organizational structures can have a significant impact on religious adherents’ ability to practice their faith but also for society as a whole. Read more ...

Call for Papers for Expert Seminar and Special Issue on “The Impact of Religious Freedom Research”

You are warmly invited to submit proposals by 20 January 2020 for papers on “The Impact of Religious Freedom Research” for a special issue of the International Journal for Religious Freedom (IJRF).

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in academia in the documentation and measurement of religious freedom, leading to the development of an increasingly rich corpus of religious freedom monitoring instruments, ranging from qualitative monographs and narrative reports to surveys and quantitative tools. As a parallel development, more and more national governments, as well as supranational bodies, have taken interest in the issue of religious freedom, developing their own documentation tools and, in some cases, appointing specialized officers to promote religious freedom in foreign or domestic policy. Notwithstanding these developments, there is little consensus about the conceptualization and operationalization of religious freedom, as well as about the proper methodology to measure it. Moreover, it is unclear what the effectiveness of religious freedom research has been to combat religious freedom violations. Read more ...

International Journal for Religious Freedom

The International Journal for Religious Freedom (IJRF) is published twice a year and aims to provide a platform for scholarly discourse on religious freedom in general and the persecution of Christians in particular. It is an interdisciplinary, international, peer reviewed journal, serving the dissemination of new research on religious freedom and contains research articles, documentation, book reviews, academic news and other relevant items.

The IJRF is listed on the South African Department of Higher Education and Training “Approved list of South African journals” as effective from 1 January 2012.

Manuscripts submitted for publication are assessed by a panel of referees and the decision to publish is dependent on their reports.

The IJRF subscribes to the National Code of Best Practice in Editorial Discretion and Peer Review for South African Scholarly Journals.

The IJRF is available as a paid print subscription, and released later as a free online version on 1 March and 1 September respectively (, as well as via SABINET.


Guidelines for authors

Editorial Notice

The editorial team of IJRF is in the process of catching up with the current publication backlog.

The issues of 2015 and further issues are scheduled to appear from 2020 onward.

Some of the issues will have specific topics, such as “Responding to persecution”, “Women and Freedom of Religion or Belief”, and a call for papers has been launched on the the topic "Secularism and Freedom of Religion or Belief”.
Submissions on these and any other relevant topics are welcome and will be processed. We thank our authors and subscribers for their patience.

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