Islam and Society

Christine Schirrmacher. Islam and Society: Sharia Law – Jihad – Women in Islam – Essays. The WEA Global Issues Series. Vol. 4. Culture and Science Publishing: Bonn, 2008. 136 pp. ISBN 978-3-938116-64-7.


  • The Challenge of Muslim Immigration to Europe
  • The Challenge of Islam: Are weEquipped?
  • Is Multi(Culti) at an End?
  • Islam – Religion of Peace?
  • How Muslims view Christians
  • What is a Fatwa?
  • Islamic “Mission” (Da’wa)
  • Apostasy and Sharia
  • The Significance of Islamic Tradition
  • Women in Islam
  • “Islam” is not just “Islam”
  • Suicide, Martyrdom and Jihad
  • Honor Killings and Ideas of Honor.

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