Dr. Dennis P. Petri

International Director of IIRF

Dennis Petri currently teaches at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), the Latin American University of Science and Technology (Costa Rica) and the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (UNESCO).

He has previously served in a number of organizations and government roles focusing on religious freedom, peace building and social development, including at Open Doors International, the European Office of the Inter-American Development Bank, the Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress in Costa Rica, and others. As a Mexican-Dutch author, he has published on freedom of religion, religion and politics, social dialogue, parliamentary reform and democratic assistance.

He founded OLIRE as a research, training, and advocacy program, with the mission to promote religious freedom on the continent. The Observatory serves its partners, academia, civil society, and policy makers with research data, training materials, and policy recommendations to promote religious freedom for vulnerable religious minorities in Latin America.


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