Julia Doxat-Purser

Doxat-PurserJulia studied European Studies at Hull (UK) & Angers (France) Universities, specializing in modern history and politics. After graduating, she lived in Brussels for many years, working for the Conference of European Churches and, from January 1994, for the European Evangelical Alliance as their first Brussels Representative. Her job was to monitor the activities of the European Union, build relationships with civil servants and parliamentarians and seek to influence EU decision making with biblical values. 

The most important campaigns were ensuring that the EU did not adopt anti-“sect” legislation and also working to ensure that the Directive on Equal Treatment in Employment was amended to allow flexibility for faith organisations to employ people of faith when the job justified this. Without this change, churches and Christian charities would not have been able to choose to employ only Christians.

Julia now lives in Hull in the north of England, working for EEA in a pan-European role to build the capacity of European Evangelicals to contribute to society in practical social action.

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