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China: Authorities demolish huge multi-million church

A huge multi-million dollar cathedral-style church is being demolished in China, the latest church to go under the wrecking ball in a long-running campaign which reflects the growing concern in Beijin...

Ukraine: Ukrainians in Crimea suffer discrimination

Ukrainian Orthodox Church/ Kiev Patriarchate Archbishop in Crimea urges world leaders and community to protect rights and freedom of Ukrainians of the Peninsula

Russia/Ukraine: Law on religion prepared for Crimea

Annexed Crimea plans to adopt law against "totalitarian sects" and "destructive cults"

Kyrgystan: Draft Religion Law still repressive, Alternative Service Law stalled?

In producing a draft new Religion Law, Kyrgyzstan's State Commission for Religious Affairs (SCRA) seems to be ignoring civil society and UN Human Rights Committee criticism and a Constitutional Chambe...

Vietnam: Vietnam’s two faces

Religion-law reforms awaited at time of 'remarkable spike in attacks' on Christians

Russia: State Duma adopts amendments to religion law

Another change in Russian law on freedom of conscience forebodes reregistration of charters of religious organizations

China: Christian persecution in Zhejiang more severe than first thought

The scale of a church demolition campaign in China's Zhejiang province may be much greater than previously reported, US-based China Aid warned this week.

Ukraine/Crimea: Europe's 'unlikely Bible belt' officially disappears

There were 1,546 official religious groups in Crimea when citizens of that region voted overwhelmingly last year to leave Ukraine and join Russia.

Russia: Putin signs order amending freedom of conscience law

Russian religious organizations prohibited from turning into different legal entities

North Korea: North Korea detains S. Korean pastor for 'espionage'

Presbyterian Church clarifies he was missionary helping N. Korean homeless children in China

China: Chinese Pastor sentenced to one year in prison after defending churches against China's crackdown on crosses

A Christian pastor in China was sentenced to one year in prison on Tuesday night by a local court after he defended local churches when the Chinese authorities removed church crosses.

China: Chinese police seize two priests in Mutanjiang

Chinese police seized two priests today in the city of Mutanjiang (Heilongjiang). The two clergymen - Fr Shaoyun Quan, 41, and Fr Jianyou Cao, 43 - had just celebrated Mass. After their arrest at 10.3...

Russia: UN Religious Freedom expert presents report to the Human Rights Council on country visit to Vietnam

Speaking at the 2th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on 10-11 March, the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief Heiner Bielefeldt presented his report on hi...

North Korea: Fears for Canadian pastor missing in North Korea

Reverend Hyeon Soo Lim has not been heard from since January 31

Azerbaijan: Latest secret police prisoners - two female Jehovah's Witnesses

Amid a widening crackdown on religious, political and social activity the Azerbaijani government does not like, two female Jehovah's Witnesses have been ordered held in the National Security Ministry ...