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Secularists/Atheists (as victims)

Ukraine: Evidence of religious persecution in the occupied Donbas

A new report, "When God Becomes The Weapon", provides a detailed, unsettling first-hand account of religiously motivated persecution in rebel-controlled areas in eastern Ukraine.

World: Hate campaigns target atheists, humanists and liberals as distinct minority

This is a guest post from Bob Churchill, communications director for the International Humanist and Ethical Union.

Russia: Freedom of conscience in Russia: Restrictions and challenges in 2013

SOVA Center for Information and Analysis presents its latest annual report on freedom of conscience in the Russian Federation.

Saudi Arabia: In Islam, there's more than one way to be an 'atheist'

Saudi Arabia has declared atheists to be as bad as terrorists. But does this mean those without faith cannot live happily in the Muslim world?

Kazakhstan: UN rights expert urges Kazakhstan to end mandatory registration of religious communities

United Nations Special Rapporteur Heiner Bielefeldt today called on the Government of Kazakhstan to end the mandatory registration of religious communities which has led to situations of legal insecur...

Iran: Religious freedom highly restricted in Iran

Basic rights such as freedom of expression, association and assembly in Iran have been strictly curtailed under Mr. Rouhani. Moreover, religious intolerance and discrimination have increased tensions,...

Egypt: Court upholds writer's five-year prison sentence for insulting religion

The Beba Misdemeanour Court in Beni Sueif upheld on Tuesday a court verdict handing author Karam Saber five years in prison for insulting religion.

Pakistan: Pakistan poised to make death penalty compulsory for 'blasphemy'

Pakistan's government faces a looming deadline to either comply with a court ruling to amend the country's penal code to make the death penalty the only lawful punishment for "blasphemy," or to appeal...

Indonesia: Atheist Alexander Aan released

Alexander Aan, who was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison on June 15, 2012 under the Blasphemy Law for publicly declaring himself an atheist on Facebook, was released from prison on Jan. 27.

Bahrain: Unprecedented rise in government restrictions on religious freedom

The Religious Freedom Unit at the Bahrain Human Rights Observatory ("BHRO") has regarded the results of the international study by the Pew Research Center on global religious hostility published on 14...

Afghanistan: Atheist Afghan granted religious asylum in UK

An Afghan citizen has been granted asylum in the UK for religious reasons - because he is an atheist.

Bangladesh: Bangladesh between 'secularism' and fundamentalism

On 25th November 2013 Hon. David Kilgour, JD made a presentation on the issue "The West and the Challenge of Democracy in Bangladesh - a Canadian Perspective" organized by the South Asia Democratic F...

Kazakhstan: Religious Freedom Issues: January-October 2013

Throughout the year, Human Rights Without Frontiers has filed religious freedom incidents in more than 60 countries to develop advocacy with international institutions. Kazakhstan is one country of pa...

Pakistan: Religious Freedom Incidents: January - September 2013

In the last nine months, Human Rights Without Frontiers has collected an increasing number of acts of social hostility towards non-Muslim minorities in Pakistan.

Turkey: Package proves disappointing for non-Muslim communities

Turkey's non-Muslim communities have mainly expressed disappointment at the government's democratization package announced on Monday, while noting the package does include some positive points.