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Christians (as offenders)

Ukraine: Ukrainians in Crimea suffer discrimination

Ukrainian Orthodox Church/ Kiev Patriarchate Archbishop in Crimea urges world leaders and community to protect rights and freedom of Ukrainians of the Peninsula

Russia/Ukraine: Law on religion prepared for Crimea

Annexed Crimea plans to adopt law against "totalitarian sects" and "destructive cults"

Ukraine: Evidence of religious persecution in the occupied Donbas

A new report, "When God Becomes The Weapon", provides a detailed, unsettling first-hand account of religiously motivated persecution in rebel-controlled areas in eastern Ukraine.

Lebanon’s Sectarianism Recipe for Religious Freedom Disaster

IIRF Research and Analysis Report - 2/2015

Russia: State Duma adopts amendments to religion law

Another change in Russian law on freedom of conscience forebodes reregistration of charters of religious organizations

Ukraine/Crimea: Europe's 'unlikely Bible belt' officially disappears

There were 1,546 official religious groups in Crimea when citizens of that region voted overwhelmingly last year to leave Ukraine and join Russia.

Russia: Putin signs order amending freedom of conscience law

Russian religious organizations prohibited from turning into different legal entities

Ukraine: Russian forces destroy one of Donbas' largest Orthodox churches

One of the largest Orthodox churches in Ukraine's Luhansk Oblast was destroyed by heavy shelling by the Russian army and its proxy terrorist forces.

Ukraine: 14 Jehovah's Witnesses religious buildings seized in Eastern Regions of Ukraine

As of January 2015, armed groups have forcibly taken possession of 14 Kingdom Halls (houses of worship) belonging to Jehovah's Witnesses in Ukraine, informs their official pageand gives full list of b...

Ukraine: Ukrainian rebels seize Baptist house of worship

Baptist church building commandeered a second time in Luhansk Province

Ukraine: The war and the Orthodox churches in Ukraine

On January 28, a village parish of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (affiliated with the Moscow Patriarchate) in Ternopil province published a letter to the Ukrainian Church's primate, Metropolitan Onufr...

Russia: Russian Lutherans stigmatized as 'foreign agents'

Disturbing news from Russia seem to indicate that not only Russian human rights NGOs are increasingly stigmatized as 'foreign agents' but religious organizations will also be targeted as such.

Russia: Russian parliament to get legal crackdown on religious organizations

Russian parliament to get legal crackdown on religious organizations

Ukraine Crimea: Convent closed following nuns' enforced departure

Almost 18 years after it was founded, a small Catholic convent in Crimea's capital Simferopol was forced to close down in November 2014 when its three Franciscan nuns had to leave.

World: Hate campaigns target atheists, humanists and liberals as distinct minority

This is a guest post from Bob Churchill, communications director for the International Humanist and Ethical Union.