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Iraq-EU: Christian refugees facing attacks in European refugee camps

Bosnewslife (28.11.2016) - - Christians fleeing war and persecution face violence and death threats because of their faith in several refugee camps across Europe, Bos...

Germany: The Islamist war against Sikhs is arriving in Europe

By Hardeep Singh


The Spectator (02.09.2016) - - Terror attacks in Germany are becoming remarkably unremarkable. So when a bomb went off in the...

Egypt: Lawyer says judge's verdict 'could be very bad'

Coptic boys on bail, anti-Islam charges pending

Egypt: Community 'Justice' Expels Copts from their homes

Forgive Emad Youssef if he and his extended family felt quite confused. The crowd welcoming them back to the village had only a few days earlier demanded they leave. ...

Pakistan: Blasphemy law reform drafted in Pakistan as three more Christians are accused

The Pakistani government has finished drafting a bill to combat abuse of blasphemy laws to which three Christians in the past month alone have fallen prey, sources said.

Syria: Fate of Assyrian Christians abducted by Islamic State hangs in the balance

The Forum for Religious Freedom-Europe (FOREF) today published the names of 207 Assyrian Christians still in captivity after their abduction by Islamic State terrorists in February, and expressed deep...

Pakistan: Second mentally ill Pakistani in 2 weeks charged with desecrating Koran

Twenty-year-old Yaqoob Bashir Masih has been accused of desecrating the Koran in Mirpur Khas in Sind province on June 4, even though he has been treated for his mental health, according to a Catholic ...

Irak: Forced out by ISIS, Iraq's Christians start over

Two refugees look for hope in Jordan and Kurdistan

Pakistan: Ahmedis in a Chakwal village fear for their lives

On a first visit, one only notices the calm which engulfs the sleepy village of Pichnand, located some 90 kilometres from the district capital, in Talagang tehsil.

Sudan: South Sudanese church leaders jailed in Sudan could face death penalty

Sudanese authorities have charged two South Sudanese pastors under laws that call for the death penalty, their attorney said.

Iran: Iran pastor Fathi's appeal fails, against extra year in prison and 74 lashes

Iranian pastor serving a six-year prison term has failed in his appeal against a further sentence of 74 lashes and an additional year in jail - for the alleged possession in his cell of two litres of ...

Sudan: Two South Sudan pastors face death penalty in Khartoum

Two South Sudanese pastors being held in Omdurman prison in Khartoum could face the death sentence when their trial continues on 19 May.

Libya: 'a country where Christians shouldn't come'

Migrants and refugees in Libya are increasingly facing widespread abuse and persecution on religious grounds, a report by Amnesty International has revealed.

Syria: ‘We are going through a terrible moment’

242 Syrian Christans remain hostage after ransom offer rejected

Lebanon’s Sectarianism Recipe for Religious Freedom Disaster

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