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Germany: Germany bans Islamic organization and police searched 190 sites

By Willy Fautré, Human Rights Without Frontiers

HRWF (23.11.2016) - In mid-November, the German government banned (*) a Salafist Islamic group named "The True Religion&quot...

Pakistan: Thousands of Ahmadis fleeing persecution in Pakistan and seeking asylum overseas

Rabwah Times (04.09.2016) - <a shape="rect" href="

Pakistan: Blasphemy law reform drafted in Pakistan as three more Christians are accused

The Pakistani government has finished drafting a bill to combat abuse of blasphemy laws to which three Christians in the past month alone have fallen prey, sources said.

Pakistan: Second mentally ill Pakistani in 2 weeks charged with desecrating Koran

Twenty-year-old Yaqoob Bashir Masih has been accused of desecrating the Koran in Mirpur Khas in Sind province on June 4, even though he has been treated for his mental health, according to a Catholic ...

Pakistan: Ahmedis in a Chakwal village fear for their lives

On a first visit, one only notices the calm which engulfs the sleepy village of Pichnand, located some 90 kilometres from the district capital, in Talagang tehsil.

Ukraine: Ukrainians in Crimea suffer discrimination

Ukrainian Orthodox Church/ Kiev Patriarchate Archbishop in Crimea urges world leaders and community to protect rights and freedom of Ukrainians of the Peninsula

Russia/Ukraine: Law on religion prepared for Crimea

Annexed Crimea plans to adopt law against "totalitarian sects" and "destructive cults"

Ukraine: Evidence of religious persecution in the occupied Donbas

A new report, "When God Becomes The Weapon", provides a detailed, unsettling first-hand account of religiously motivated persecution in rebel-controlled areas in eastern Ukraine.

Syria: ‘We are going through a terrible moment’

242 Syrian Christans remain hostage after ransom offer rejected

Lebanon’s Sectarianism Recipe for Religious Freedom Disaster

IIRF Research and Analysis Report - 2/2015

Russia: State Duma adopts amendments to religion law

Another change in Russian law on freedom of conscience forebodes reregistration of charters of religious organizations

Tajikistan: Devout Muslims claim crackdown in Tajikistan amid Syria fears

Rustam Gulov was walking in Khudzhand, a city in Central Asia's Tajikistan, when police detained him and took him to the station. By the time he came out, his beard had been shaved clean -- against hi...

Nigeria: Hope - and anxiety - after Buhari's win

Christian groups remember new president's earlier vow to Islamize Nigeria

Russia: UN Religious Freedom expert presents report to the Human Rights Council on country visit to Vietnam

Speaking at the 2th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on 10-11 March, the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief Heiner Bielefeldt presented his report on hi...

Azerbaijan: Latest secret police prisoners - two female Jehovah's Witnesses

Amid a widening crackdown on religious, political and social activity the Azerbaijani government does not like, two female Jehovah's Witnesses have been ordered held in the National Security Ministry ...