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World Evangelical Alliance (WEA)

Over two billion Christians in the world today are represented by three world church bodies. The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) is one of those, serving and representing more than 600 million evangelicals. Launched in 1846 to unite evangelicals worldwide, the WEA continues to be a dynamic movement with 7 regional and 129 national Evangelical Alliances, and over 150 member organizations. WEA's mission is to speak as a trusted voice, to equip members and leaders for global impact and to connect its members and others for common action in the furtherance of God’s reign. For more info e-mail at or go to

We work on the basis of The General Assembly of The WEA 2008

WEA Resolution (ENG)

Resolution on Religious Freedom and Solidarity with the Persecuted Church

WEA Resolution (GER)

Resolution zur Religionsfreiheit und Solidarität mit der verfolgten Kirche der Weltweiten Evangelischen Allianz

WEA Résolution (FRA)

Communiqué de l‘Assemblée Générale de l‘AEM sur la liberté de religion et la solidarité envers l‘Eglise persécutée

WEA Resolución (ESP)

Resolución sobre la libertad religiosa y solidaridad con la Iglesia