The “International Institute for Religious Freedom” (IIRF) is a network of professors, researchers, academics, specialists and university institutions from all continents which work on reliable data on the violation of religious freedom worldwide and want to implement this topic to college and university programmes and curricula, especially in the areas of law, sociology, religious studies and theological programmes. 

Our goals and how we implement them is described under "Our Mission".


Except for publications, the Institute will operate by employing already existing possibilities such as offices, i. e. without a building of our own. Meetings are to be kept at a minimum, depending on the internet possibilities of instructors at institutions of higher education.

Board of Supervisors

The board of supervisors consists of four people delegated by four evangelical bodies:

  • Chairman: Godfrey Yogarajah (Sri Lanka)
  • Chairman emeritus: Dr. Paul Murdoch (on behalf of the German Evangelical Alliance)
  • Esme Bowers (South Africa)
  • Julia Doxat-Purser (on behalf of the European Evangelical Alliance)
  • John Langlois (on behalf of the World Evangelical Alliance)

The Cape Town branch has its own African board.


  • Director: Prof. Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher, Bonn
  • Co-Director: Prof. Dr. Christof Sauer, Cape Town
  • Director Colombo Office: Roshini Wickremesinhe, LLB (Sri Lanka)
  • Research Coordinator: Jospeh Yakubu (Nigeria)
  • Research Writer: Fernando Perez (India)
  • Representative to UN, OSCE, EU: Arie de Pater (Netherlands)
  • Legal Advisor: Martin Schweigert, Singapore
  • Publicity/Internet: Ron Kubsch, Altenkirchen

IIRF Letterhead

The Letterhead of International Institute for Religious Freedom: